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Pon Power Netherlands – Project Completion!

We're pleased to announce the successful completion of the final data migration phase for our valued client, Pon. This significant milestone, realised in close collaboration with our partner XAPT, draws a journey to its conclusion that began with the initial DM planning and scoping exercise on July 9th, 2019. The project, encompassing four legal entities, involved a team of skilled developers, numerous dedicated hours, and consistent commitment, resulting in the successful integration into the state-of-the-art NAXT 365 system.


Our association with XAPT has been instrumental in the success of this project. We sincerely appreciate their steadfast support and cooperation throughout. Together, we have made noteworthy progress and set a solid foundation for future partnerships.

Our sincere thanks go to all the team members involved, including the ETL team, the dedicated D365 experts and data load team members, and the entire Pon team. Their tireless efforts and determination have ensured a smooth and efficient process.


We are grateful to the project sponsor and also the data specialist from Pon, for their unwavering trust in DDPTech, our methodologies, personnel, tools, and relentless support and collaboration with the Pon business, even during challenging times. This significantly contributed to these impressive results, from the project's inception to the final go-live transition!


Thank you for the efforts of everyone involved in this successful endeavor, this is a significant moment in the history of Pon, DDPTech, and XAPT.

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