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Completed NAXT365 Data Migrations

Here we showcase the outstanding achievements of DDPTech and our esteemed partners XAPT, in delivering innovative data migration solutions to CAT and the heavy equipment industry via our NAXT 2012 to NAXT365 Upgrade Solution. Below, you will find summaries of our recent successful projects, highlighting the synergies between our skilled teams, cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to excellence.

These project highlights provide valuable insights into the meticulous planning, adaptability, and determination that drive each project to fruition, and show that the NAXT365 Upgrade Solution is proven in this space.


Foley CAT Project Completion
A Triumph for DDPTech and XAPT Collaboration

DDPTech proudly announces the successful completion of the Foley CAT project in the US, a milestone in our partnership with XAPT. This complex data migration from a legacy CAT DBS ERP system to the advanced NAXT365 solution showcases our strong collaboration with Foley and XAPT. Key accomplishments include our first completed US project and comprehensive NAXT365 migration. This achievement highlights DDPTech's commitment to helping clients reach their goals – Smarter, Faster, and Better. Find out more

Pon Power Norway & Equipment – Project Completion!

DDPTech and XAPT celebrate another successful data migration project completion for Pon Power Norway & Equipment. Building on our prior success with Pon Equipment Netherlands, our team adapted the NAXT 2012 to NAXT365 Upgrade Solution to cater to the unique needs of the two Pon Norway entities. With meticulous refinement, our unique 'PreCut' and 'CutOver' technologies ensured a seamless deployment of the NAXT365 Finance and Operations solution. This achievement highlights our global collaboration and commitment to providing top-quality data migration services. Our partnership with XAPT continues to deliver exceptional results for clients in the heavy equipment industry. Find out more


Pon Power Netherlands – Project Completion!

We're delighted to announce the successful conclusion of an extensive data migration project for our valued client, Pon. This significant accomplishment, made possible through a close collaboration with our partner XAPT, involved numerous skilled professionals and an unwavering commitment to integrate into the cutting-edge NAXT 365 system. The collective effort of our dedicated team, the unwavering trust from Pon, and the relentless support from all parties involved, have contributed to this remarkable success. Join us as we acknowledge this key milestone in the shared history of Pon, DDPTech, and XAPT. Find out more


Gecolsa – Project Completion!

DDPTech and XAPT proudly announce the successful completion of our first South American CAT dealership data migration project for Gecolsa. Despite challenging timeframes, our teams collaborated to achieve a seamless migration using DM REVOLVE toolsets and Microsoft Dynamics load automation technologies. In just four months, we migrated a comprehensive NAXT365 ERP across four legal entities. This accomplishment showcases the remarkable results that teamwork and collaboration can achieve. The project's success highlights the power of DDPTech's innovative toolsets, our strong partnership with XAPT and adding to our proven track record in this arena. Find out more

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