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Pon Power Norway & Equipment – Project Completion!

Following the successful deployment of our data migration solution for Pon Equipment Netherlands in June 2022, we have recently completed another project for Pon Power Norway and Pon Equipment. Over the course of four months, our team adapted and customized our data migration solution to cater to the specific needs of the two Pon Norway legal entities. This was made possible through our close collaboration with Pon, XAPT, and our NAXT 2012 to NAXT365 Upgrade Solution.

Through meticulous refinement to address local business requirements and multiple successful trial runs, we deployed the NAXT365 Finance and Operations solution with full Customer Engagement synchronisation. Our unique 'PreCut' and 'CutOver' technologies played a crucial role in deploying data into a live operational NAXT365 environment, ensuring a seamless transition.

This achievement was made possible by the combined efforts of our global teams working around the clock across Norway, India, and Australia. Their collaboration demonstrates our commitment to providing top-quality data migration services to our clients worldwide. The strong partnership we have with XAPT also allows us to leverage their expertise in NAXT365 and combine it with our data migration know-how to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We are now looking forward to the final installment of this project series, focusing on Pon Power Netherlands. Scheduled for deployment in the second quarter of 2023, this project is the largest and most complex of all the Pon companies. Our team is already making progress on the ETL solution build, with initial trials underway.

This project is a testament to the capabilities of DDPTech and XAPT in delivering top-notch data migration and ERP solutions to businesses worldwide. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership, driving innovation and providing exceptional results for our clients in the heavy equipment industry.

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