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Foley CAT Project Completion
A Milestone for DDPTech and XAPT Partnership

We at DDPTech are excited to announce the successful completion and Go-Live of the Foley CAT project in the United States, after 15 months of diligent effort. This achievement reflects the exceptional collaboration between the DDPTech, Foley teams, and our partners at XAPT, resulting in one of our most comprehensive and flawless data migrations to date.


The project involved migrating from a legacy CAT DBS ERP system and multiple instances of the G3 Builder application to the cutting-edge NAXT365 solution using the NAXT 2012 to NAXT365 Upgrade solution. This accomplishment marks several firsts for DDPTech and further solidifies the strong partnership with XAPT:

  • First completed project in the US

  • Comprehensive NAXT365 Project migration

  • CAT G3 Builder to NAXT365 Standard Job migration


Numerous team members from both DDPTech, Foley, and XAPT contributed to this outstanding outcome, showcasing the power of collaboration and dedication among the partners.

At DDPTech, our mission is to help you reach your goals – Smarter, Faster, and Better. This successful project completion showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients in the business-to-business arena, leveraging the expertise of our partners at XAPT and the capabilities of the NAXT 2012 to NAXT365

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